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My Artwork


The perspective I use in my paintings is what you’d see as if you were looking straight down at an image. I prefer this view as it is without pretense and allows the viewer to get close to the subject.

In the series, ‘On The Surface,’ I show the random patterns of surf as it rolls up on the beach. These paintings appeared in my recent solo exhibition, which ran from January 14 through February 21, 2013 at Art Saint Louis. I paint in oil and acrylic on panel and refer to my work as Abstract Naturalism.

The subject matter in this series is surf, sand, texture, line, shape and volume. Even though the surface is smooth, each painting appears to have an illusion of graininess. The color is powerful; the works are large and graphic.

The content of this series is environmental change. Our planet is under siege from largely man-made environmental problems.  Beauty is fleeting. What one sees on the surface is not necessarily reflective of what’s happening below the surface. We should all look below the surface and take action.

My next show is scheduled for July 5 – August 9, 2013 at the William & Florence Schmidt Gallery on the campus of Southwestern Illinois College. I expect to exhibit new work — in the same genre but with a different interpretation.

I am seeking representation. My works show well and, with the right audience, will sell well. I am happy to participate in a small group show and I have the ability to quickly mount a more extensive show.

Mark Travers

February, 2013

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